Info on the new PowerDyne Arius Plates

Have you been considering that snazzy looking new plate, the PowerDyne Arius? Have questions about it though? Do not fear, you are not alone on that. Here is some info to try to help you out. Coming soon!


Arius Plate – Frequently Asked Questions
● How does it work?
The patented Arius design is cutting edge. We created a revolutionary new truck and a radical new cushion. The motion of the truck is completely different and much more efficient. The cushion crown compresses the Butterfly Cushion evenly, making them incredibly maneuverable, powerful, and stable. We call it Progressive Lateral Movement. Traditional kingpin action pinches a corner of the cushion, which is a very inefficient design. Traditional designs are difficult to set up for this reason. You are using less than 50% of the cushion.

● What are the advantages of this plate?
With the Arius, PowerDyne completely reinvented the movement of a skate truck. The revolutionary truck and Butterfly Cushion design make it the most responsive, powerful, stable, and maneuverable plate on the market. It requires no tinkering with the cushions to get the right set up. Plus, it’s incredibly light. It is as light as plates costing close to $1,000.

● Is this a derby plate?
It works great for all disciplines of roller skating including Figure/Art, Speed, Jam, Rhythm, and Derby. The Arius provides more power, stability, control and maneuverability than old fashioned kingpin type designs. It is lighter and stronger than other plates. Feedback from skaters of all disciplines has been overwhelmingly positive.

● Is this a 45 degree?
Not in the traditional sense. With the Arius, we have completely reinvented the way a roller skate truck action works. There is no kingpin, so we don’t call it a 45 degree or any degree.

● What degree is this?
Standard plates are measured based on the angle of the kingpin. The Arius has no kingpin. It is a complete reinvention of the roller skate plate. It will feel like nothing you have ever skated.

● Where are the cushions?
The patented one piece Butterfly Cushion sits securely in the Cushion Crown. This revolutionary design allows for the most powerful, maneuverable, stable, and consistent action anywhere.

● How do I adjust the cushions?
Because of this breakthrough design, the fine tuning cushion adjustment you are used to with an old fashioned kingpin is completely unnecessary. To get a softer or firmer feel, simply swap out the Butterfly Cushion.


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